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Ep.37 Insufficient Parenting/Singing 4 BACON!!!

Ep.37 Insufficient Parenting/Singing 4 BACON!!!

Chuck P and QJ Pimpson Discuss – Rick Ross Rapping for the New BK Bacon Sundae – Insufficient Parenting?????? – Feeding an infant Hot Sauce – The “Retard Awards” – and of course Sippin Germ X on the rocks website:¬†http://www.thehospitalityroom.com/ join our ... Read On

Ep.25 People Ain’t Shit…..

  In this episode Chuck P. and Guest Co-Host Winston Smith discuss how a good percentage of people, themselves included ain’t Shit!!! Is it our survivalist mechanisms???? Or have we reached the point where someone life isn’t worth more than a toaster oven??? What about a Plasma tv a... Read On