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Ep.25 People Ain’t Shit…..

In this episode Chuck P. and Guest Co-Host Winston Smith discuss how a good percentage of people, themselves included ain’t Shit!!! Is it our survivalist mechanisms???? Or have we reached the point where someone life isn’t worth more than a toaster oven??? What about a Plasma tv and some xbox games???

*Please feel free to weigh in on this question. Send your responses to info@thehospitalityroom.com

Topics for the show

– 61yr old man dies during Black Friday Shopping fiasco, no one stops to call 911. Instead the crowd continues to shop.

– Mitt Romney (a.k.a. Willard B. Erreyman) can’t get any movement in the polls, you don’t say…

– (Pastors vs. Doctors) 6 HIV Patients Die because of pastors preaching telling them that God will cure them.

[Local News] – Man charged with rape of 8yr old girl.
– Woman charged with inappropriate sexual contact with a juvenile among a slew of other charges after having sex with 13yr old boy.

– Are we about to eat horse????

– Another installment of the “Retard Awards” (technical difficulties can’t hold us down)

“May the Holidays be Cheerful to you and to Everyone” -Chuck P.